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SUP: Breathe in the fun – Hatha Oxygen 10.6ft x 32”x 293L inflatable SUP review

Hatha logoHatha’s Oxygen is the second board from the Devon based brand we’ve reviewed. The first thing we have to comment on are the Oxygen’s looks – striking it sure is. Dan and the team have put a lot of effort into the Oxygen and it shows. Quality fixtures and fittings run through the whole design and a lot of attention to detail has been paid to key areas – colour coded D-rings for instance.


Described by Hatha as a ‘go anywhere’ board, it’s certainly got characteristics that allow for this. Many 10.6ft all rounders feature a round nose. The Oxygen buck’s this trend and features a more elongated style that sits between touring nose and the aforementioned. Tracking, for an iSUP, is therefore much improved and glide also follows suit. Sweeping in straight lines sees the Oxygen easily keeping up with perceived faster stand up paddle boards. It’s also a nose that helps when punching out through chop and swell, piercing through white water much better than many iSUPs.

Military grade PVC and high quality double layer Dropstitch lend the Oxygen durability and it’s super easy to deflate, roll up and pack away. Inflating is fine – the supplied pump does the job admirably. 15 PSI gets it to full inflation and, combined with it’s 6” thickness, Hatha’s Oxygen is rigid and ready for action –  in fact, there’s really not that much deflection at all.

Hatha Oxygen 10.6ft fins

On the water the Oxygen feels ready and willing for all types of SUP shenanigans. Exploring and general paddling is fulfilling, while hunting out small wavelets for small surf fun is also applicable. If you should find a few bumps the Oxygen gets involved with ease and it’s a board that could help newbie surf paddlers develop and progress.

As a keen river paddler, Hatha brand owner Dan Sulsh has also been spotted using the Oxygen in modest white water. As such, if you’re a river paddling fan searching for a sled to combat easy to medium flow runs then we’re pretty sure the Oxygen will accommodate. You can’t knock the lively feel – due mainly to the fin boxes being set a little further forwards – and manufacturing, rigidity and overall quality is tip top.


Hatha’s Oxygen is a super hard wearing and durable SUP, making it well suited to all types of stand up paddling. For all round sweepers it’s a good choice while moderate wave paddle surfers, and even river warriors, will enjoy the Oxygen too. Stable with decent glide and great tracking, the Oxygen 10.6ft will take paddlers to various SUP environments without hassle. A small point, but we’d like to see a slightly better bag with easier access as the fins can get caught up on the mesh and cord around the opening. That said we love the manoeuvrability of the Oxygen and can see it providing lots of fun to a wide spectrum of stand up paddlers.

Price: £549





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1 Comment on SUP: Breathe in the fun – Hatha Oxygen 10.6ft x 32”x 293L inflatable SUP review

  1. Looks like a pretty solid board from Hatha. The article gave me the impression that this is a board better suited for touring and calmer waters. Would this be an accurate statement? Do you know if they ship internationally? Thanks.


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