A voyage of… – Exocet Discovery 10’9 x 32” x 240L

This isn’t the first time we’ve tested Exocet stand up paddle boards, but it’s been a while since they were on UK shores. Now the France based watersports brand is back and keen to show off their wares. First up we have the Exocet 10’9 x 32” inflatable SUP. Simplistic in nature it’s a platform designed to get you afloat with minimum hassle.

Built with ‘fusion’ double layer reinforced PVC pre-preg it’s a lightweight yet durable inflatable stand up paddle board. This is most noticeable when carrying to and from put ins whilst inflated. Even those less burly paddlers will have no trouble carting it about. We should also add that inflation, via included pump, is pretty easy. The pump is efficient and won’t cause a sweat to be broken.

Hitting the water and it’s a typical feeling aboard the Exocet. There’s minimum deflection across the mid-deck (although still some – this is an air board after all!). Yet if inflated to correct PSI then efficiency through the drink is pretty good.

These days boards are arriving more often than not with hybrid noses. Slightly elongated this helps the board track more efficiently by knifing through the water. Improved tracking means less effort by you guys and therefore more emphasis on fun. The Exocet is a good example of this.

Exocet’s Discovery covers miles without issues. It isn’t the quickest but then that’s not the point. Should waters become rough it’s a board that copes fine with flotsam. Paddlers may have to put the hammer down into a head wind but this is no different to any other stand up paddle board.


For anyone looking to get afloat with minimal fuss and experience SUP for the first time Exocet’s Discovery 10’9 would be a worthy choice. Nice, simple features and a quick set up will allow more time spent afloat than on the beach. The 10’9 will do most all round paddling things you ask of it and is an inflatable that’ll stand the test of time, providing many hours of fun.





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