Blow SUP – Neptune 10.ft x 31.5” x 175L Mach #2 Pro windSUP review

neptune supNeptune’s Mach 2 windSUP is primed to take riders from flat water paddling bliss, to small waves and onwards into light to moderately blowy conditions. Featuring an integrated mast track, as opposed to rig attachment, having the option to slide your sail forwards and back gives the board versatility when in wind mode.

Neptune’s usual bamboo deck livery shines through with carbon wrapped rails and thruster fins completing the look. There’s the option of upgrading skegs to higher performance honeycomb types (for £100 extra) and we’d recommend this option for sure. Better fins equals better performance in our book. (The Pro version usually comes with these as standard).

As with all windSUP models carrying connected sail and board, in the absence of footstraps to hold, can be tricky. Best method is to hold boom as normal and then grab the carry handle whilst upside down. This works fine but we wouldn’t recommend it over long distance. Once at the put in it’s super easy to step aboard and sail away.

Although you can take any windSUP out in proper blowy conditions the beauty of a board like this is being able to get afloat in light airs with the added versatile of being paddleable. With winds sub-10 knots you’ll be primed for a spot of coastal cruising, light wind freestyle (as shown in the accompanying vid) or even dropping into a few small waves for sail surf action.

The Neptune tracks upwind efficiently in thruster mode – side bites helping this along. Stability is such that whirls and twirls about the deck are moisture free with no unnecessary dunkings. If the breeze picks up then hook in for a razz back and forth before heading back to the beach for a breather.

In paddle mode Neptune’s windSUP offers an all round platform for generalist sweeping. Paddle surfing is doable – something the whole team checked out. Carving ability is pretty good and long glides will be achieved. Alternatively head off grid for a spot of discovery SUP – there’s ample room onboard for touring essentials.


Neptune provide a tool for multi-disciplinarians out there with the windSUP Mach #2. Attach rig and with a few gusts you’ll be happily puffing up and down. Feel like chucking a bit of sail dancing in? No worries, fill ya boots. The windSUP’s stability is good enough to forgive clumsy footwork in this arena. Ditch the sail and switch to paddle mode and you have a nifty sled for wave sliding or recreational cruising – in short, a tool for multi-weather scenarios. And an affordable one at that!

Price: £649


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