Clean and smooth – Neptune Surf SUP 9’ x 30” x 130L MACH #2

neptune supWe stepped aboard Neptune’s Surf SUP 9’ MACH #1 a number of years ago. Back then it delivered user friendly performance across a bunch of different surf scenarios. We were therefore intrigued to see how the MACH #2 version stacks up.

Coming in familiar Neptune livery with bamboo reveal punctuated by black rails and deckpad it’s a sled that does garner attention at the beach – surprising considering it is quite plain. But it’s the board’s clean lines that grab attentions we feel.

Weight is pretty good and it’s no trouble carrying with the deep recessed centrally located handle. We opted to use our own set of thruster fins as these are more high performance than those supplied as standard (although you can upgrade if needed).

Stability isn’t too bad with the Surf SUP displaying a planted feel. It’s not as prone to being buffeted by chop as some SUPs and therefore delivers a more sedate ride out to the peak. Once at the take off riders will need to put the hammer down to get the Neptune’s nose to lift and begin gliding. As soon as the wave picks up the tail, however, it switches up a gear and slides smoothly into your chosen liquid wall.


The Neptune Surf SUP likes to driven rail to rail for maximum efficiency through turns as well as benefiting from accurate rider input. Get on the tail and trim fore and aft and you’ll be rewarded with a reactive sled that’s fun to chuck around in small to medium swell. We did use in some bigger stuff and while it certainly rides with no issue it’s definitely most at home in less hectic conditions.

Off the tops are smooth and progressive. There’s almost a safety net with the Surf SUP MACH #2 as it does forgive slightly dodgy footwork through lip hits. You may think you’re about to eat it but you may be surprised and are able to wrestle the turn back on track.


Neptune SUPs may not be known for their performance surf sleds yet the brand’s Surf SUP MACH #2 9’ proves that they have the goods should you need this kind of tool. Falling somewhere between hybrid short/longboard performance the 9’ is a smooth carver that’s poised to deliver some fun riding in less critical conditions. Experienced paddlers will be able to whack a few lips easily while progressing riders will find there’s plenty of surf performance to grow into.

Price: £579 (add £100 for additional carbon paddle)


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