Cornish Cream – Tina Beresford interview

Interview: Jessie Tuckman
Pics: Joe Thwaites (Loco SUP) & Checkered Photography

Tina Beresford is one of Loco’s team paddle surfing riders. Having not been into the sport long Tina still managed to get to grips with it and prove that with a bit of grit and determination you can be mixing it up in surf environments pretty quickly. Not only this, but Tina has also made a dent in women’s paddle surfing competition. Jessie Tuckman caught up with Mrs B to get the goss.

Tina Beresford

1. What got you into SUP?
I’ve been surfing for over 10 years now and would sometimes turn to stand up paddle boarding when it was flat or if I was landlocked. Before I moved to Cornwall I would paddle with Central SUP in Tamworth, which was great fun and I really appreciated being able to get on the water. Chris (Kenyon) and the crew are doing a great job.

2. How were the British National SUP Surf Champs last year?
Even though we had big and windy surf for all the heats of the contest I still enjoyed it. It was good to be around other SUP surfers, especially other women as I mostly SUP on my own. It was nice to not be the minority – other forms of surfing tend to be more popular round here.

3. SUP surfing seems to be your thing. Do you do any flat water or distance SUP?
Currently all my energies are put into SUP surfing, shortboarding and longboarding. Having all three options mean I rarely have time for flat water paddling and I’d always choose waves over flat water. At some beaches it can be a bit of a distance to paddle to get out to the waves anyway! Another reason for not doing the distance paddling down here is because I don’t currently have access to a race board or the space to put it. Waves are too much fun anyway.

Tina Beresford

4. Tell us about the spots you normally SUP?
The best spots I tend to go to are Crantock, Watergate and Godrevy. Bigger beaches with wide open space; it’s easy to move to a different peak if it gets busy and I’ve had some of the best long clean rides at these spots. I also like surfing the bay in Newquay which I’ve had some great SUP surfs at. It can be more suited to longboards and SUPs on certain conditions – when there is a bit of size it helps to get on the wave earlier. It does get crowded as it’s one of the only sheltered spots when the surf’s big and messy, but you can usually get a few.

5. How do you find SUP surfing in the winter months?
I’ve found that early morning is always best for me to SUP so it’s been harder to paddle in the winter with not much time before work. As the days have been getting longer it’s been brighter earlier so perfect for early sessions before the water gets busy. Also it’s nice to shed the boots and gloves.

Tina Beresford

6. What are your plans for the year?
Lots of surfing and competitions planned of course. I’ll be entering any SUP surf competitions that are organised – there are only a couple available at the moment (Legend of the Bay and the Nationals in October. Both at Watergate). I’ll be entering all the Pro Surf Tour shortboard events and I’ve doubled the amount of longboard contests I’ll be doing this year so nearly all my weekends are taken up! It’s going to be an interesting and busy year.

7. Can you tell us about the other sports and training you do and how they help your SUP (if they do)?
When there is no surf then I will fill my time with going to fitness/Yoga classes and will get in the sea or pool for a swim. If the surf’s been great and I’m surfed out then I’ll always try to get to a Yoga session and stretch out. We are lucky in Newquay as we have lots of choice of classes so there is always something going on.

8. Thanks Tina. Any shout last outs?
Main shout out would be to Loco for enabling me to go to the Nationals and for providing the boards so I could take up SUP surfing. Lack of availability of boards is a big barrier for a lot of girls who haven’t even tried the sport and can be a big commitment for them to buy a decent SUP to start off with. However, there is suitable equipment available and Loco are a company who provide this kit.

Tina Beresford

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