Hurley Classic goes SUPX!

Berkshire’s Hurley Weir has been the white water domain of kayakers for a number of years. Each November boaters gather to do battle and put on a show for spectators perched above the foaming water – the Hurley Classic is now cemented in white water history as the ‘go to ‘ kayaking event.

Ben Payne Hurley Classic

2015’s gathering saw a slightly different feel, however, with stand up paddle boarding added to the mix. As SUP continues to grow exponentially, and the synergy between sit down and stand up paddling is positively tangible, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more paddlers hear the call of inland white water and rivers.

SUP Mag UK’s Pete Tranter travelled to Hurley Weir on the Sunday and managed to snap a few pics of Starboard SUP UK’s Ben Payne and Adam Hunt tackling the course.

Adan Hunt Hurley Classic 2015

Pete said: ‘Sunday is the day of the Classic, where seasoned pro paddlers compete alongside novice, junior and elite boaters. The competitive buzz to succeed is huge but the fun element always remains and is what’s most important. That’s the fitting ethos behind one of freestyle’s oldest competitions, that started from a few kayakers meeting in a car park in 1989.

Ben Payne Hurley Classic 2015

This year the Squirt and BoaterX competitions took place on the Saturday with stand up paddling making its debut Sunday morning. Top river SUPers Ben Payne, Adam Hunt and Paul Hyman all competed and pt on a top show. Results will appear on the SAS Hurley Classic website later today – stay tuned.
Ben Payne Hurley Classic 2015 bail

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