Glide free – SIC Maui Okeanos Air Glide 12’6 x 31” x 340L review

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

Moving on from last issue’s SIC Maui Tahe Air Glide review we switch attention to the brand’s 12’6 x 31” inflatable touring SUP – in production by popular demand. As with the former this is another premium iSUP design with performance, functionality and good looks in mind.

As with any elongated, pointy nose SUP (hard or air board) the benefits include greater glide per paddle stroke, more efficient tracking over rounder nosed SUPs and generally an improved ride but with plenty of versatility. What’s ‘touring SUP’ anyway? Think more recreational all round board – as there’s no reason a beginner couldn’t take the Okeanos 12’6 and progress far with it, never really needing to shift it on. Touring SUPs fit the requirements of most paddlers, with this SIC being no different. The Okeanos 12’6 may appear narrow to the less experienced but the additional length of the board offsets any loss of stability.

A nice trait is having the three fin boxes to play around with. This gives a decent amount of tuning. Run as single fin when covering distance, a three finned machine if bumps and small swell riding’s a thing (yep, you can surf the Okeanos 12’6 no probs) or remove the central fin altogether, utilising the side bites only when paddling in shallow waters. The three fins together also improve tracking when loading the Okeanos up for some proper adventure paddling.

Overall quality’s great, but then you’d expect (and deserve) nothing less with SIC Maui. It’s pretty rigid, the brand’s FST construction making it so. And it does a good impression of a hard shell SUP when fully laden i.e. not buckling too much under strain.

For my money I simply enjoyed paddling it round on flat to choppy water. There’s some admirable speed to be gotten out of the Okeanos with high cadence stroking. And it cuts through chop pretty well. As such it makes a nice coastal touring SUP while being applicable to inland, sheltered locations also.

SIC Maui has a lovely 12’6 in the form of the Okeanos Air Glide inflatable stand up paddle board. It’ll suit most paddler requirements whilst remaining versatile and robust over time. The three fin options give additional tuning (which is a nice touch) and the board’s looks are top drawer. For beginners, improvers and experienced paddlers alike the 12’6 Okeanos fits the bill.

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