Fishy fish – Exocet Fish 8’11 x 32” x 145L review

Exocet logoThis isn’t the first time we’ve set foot aboard an Exocet Fish. A few years ago we tested a similar machine from the French-based company, albeit slightly narrower. It was with keen interest therefore that we got to test the 8’11 x 32 x 145L version.

At 8’11 in length it’s a SUP that’s starting to er towards the smaller end of the spectrum. And it should be noted that as soon as you drop sub-9ft in length the yaw (side to side motion) effect increases. Simply put it’ll require a tad more effort to keep straight and true than your longer plus 9ft sled. If you’re stepping down sizes then this isn’t an issue. You’ll simply require a period of adjustment.

For any experienced paddler the 8’11 is a breeze to sweep out to the break. The 32” worth of width is pretty significant for a surf SUP. That said Exocet have built in their S rail to decrease thickness along the board’s edges. This results in a more manoeuvrable SUP than you perceive for something 32” wide.

Exocet Fish 8’11 x 32” x 145L

Getting into waves does require riders to put the hammer down and sit more on the peak in the first place. Having dropped in, however, the Fish is a fast and responsive sled that does well in slower conditions as well as better waves. Off the bottom is efficient and it slices well from the thinned out tail. Carrying momentum paddlers will be slingshot up to the lip. If you’re able then chucking tail, spray flinging or gouging turns are all doable aboard the Exocet Fish – more so than you’d think with its quoted dimensions.

Performance ripping is now wide open for the bigger boned individuals whilst smaller stature riders will still be able to eek a carve/turn or lip bash out of it also. For the latter it would work well as a grovel stick.

Improvers will discover Exocet’s Fish 8’11 to be a great tutor. It’s a board that will challenge yet have unlockable surfing performance that’ll help push your skills on. There’s then the added comfort blanket of that 32” width and volume should moves not go quite according to plan.

Exocet Fish 8’11 x 32” x 145L

For a perceived ‘big’ surf SUP Exocet’s Fish 8’11 has more carveability and wave performance than you’d imagine. For bigger paddlers it’s a board that’ll open up bona fide wave slaying sessions whilst even smaller boned individuals will favour with it as a sled for less than ideal conditions. Stable, yet challenging, for progressing paddlers anyone looking to push on their skills will find it a good fit also. It’s also good to ‘drive’ a less common brand.

Price: €699


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