Red Paddle Co 2018 Dragon World Championships location announced.

The world’s only dedicated, global TEAM SUP competition is set to be unleashed on the shores of Lake Fuschl, Austria on the 31st August to September 2nd 2018.

The three-day event will see teams from across the globe battle it out on the purpose built, four-person, 22ft Red Dragon inflatable paddle boards in what is set to be the ultimate SUP event. The inflatable SUP which boasts unrivalled stiffness, durability and transportability due to the exclusive use of MSL Fusion technology, took the paddle board world by storm in 2017. Once again Red Paddle Co are challenging all paddlers, no matter age or ability, to rally a team together and unleash the dragon.

“This isn’t an exclusive event for a select few” says Red Paddle Co, Co-Founder John Hibbard, “The Dragon World Championships are a celebration of SUP, designed to test team camaraderie as much as flat out speed and power. The fact the boards pack down and can be checked on to a plane makes this one of the most diverse, action-packed and entertaining SUP events on the planet. Who knows, you could be a World Champion by the end of the year!”

To qualify for the 2018 Championships, teams are required to participate in one of the numerous Dragon World Series events happening throughout the season. Last year saw over 50 Dragon events take place across the globe, granting thousands of paddlers automatic qualification regardless of experience, position or speed.

The inaugural Championships, which took place in Barbados in October 2017, saw history being made as teams, representing over ten countries, took to the water to compete for the first ever Dragon World Title. After three days of fast, adrenaline-fuelled racing it was local team, and event partners Paddle Barbados that claimed victory, but left everyone feeling like winners in their own right.

“I had the most fun and excitement I could have ever imagined.” Says New York SUP enthusiast and ‘RED SUP Ladies’ team member, Noriko Okaya who helped her team to second place at last year’s event. She continues, “I met and bonded with new friends that share a passion for paddle boarding from all over the world and came home with precious memories. The location was absolutely amazing and the event was incredibly organised. The staff couldn’t have been more supportive in helping me and the team not only have the best race we could have had, but also an experience of a lifetime.”

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