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corran addison

The subtle art of balance


Corran Addison - the subtle art of balance
Words: Corran Addison Even if you do all of those things right, you’re going to swim. Sometimes the board is going to take a hit, or get bucked, harder than your ability to [...]

Check out the new August 2019 issue…

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SUP Mag UK August 2019 issue
The summer issues are here: SUPM supports and gives airtime to the UK SUP scene 100%. And we’re the only mag that does… The latest August issue of SUP Mag UK is [...]

Offside switch stance


offside switch stance corran addison
Words: Corran Addison Photos: Christine Pinsonneault No matter how good you think you are, everyone is more off balance on their offside than their onside. This applies to [...]

WW SUP: Powered Up vs Low Brace


Powered Up vs Low Brace by Corran Addison
Words: Corran Addison. Photos: Christine Pinsonneault To say the debate rages about the advantages and disadvantages of running rapids ‘powered up’ with a vertical and [...]